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Have you always wanted a beautiful smile? Or maybe your teeth have yellowed overtime? Discoloration can be caused from coffee, wine, and tea or even from the blueberries in your smoothie.

Whatever your reason is for wanting whiter, brighter teeth, you are not alone. Our smile is one of our best assets, but only if our teeth look pearly white and clean.

Thankfully nowadays, teeth whitening can be an affordable alternative to expensive, old-fashioned, dental whitening techniques. Many products are made from harmful chemicals, but one product naturally brightens your teeth – Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening.

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What is Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening?

Wider Smiles is innovative, natural teeth whitening product that bleaches your teeth with a gel. Get professional-grade whitening results from the comfort of your home, with easy to follow instructions, including everything you need to whiten your teeth.

Finally a teeth whitening product that actually gives you fast, safe results. Many products are made from abrasive ingredients that can harm your tooth enamel and hurt your gums.

  • Diminishes more than eighty percent yellow stains
  • Reduces almost ninety percent of tooth discoloration
  • Your teeth will be almost one hundred percent visibly whiter and brighter

There are numerous ways to get your teeth whitened such as by your dentist, whitening toothpaste, etc. but they do not provide the long-term results that Wider Smiles does. Wider Smiles is a cost-effective alternative that provides quick results, without harming your teeth or gums

How does it work

Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening is considered to be one of the best teeth whitening products available on the market. Why?

They have identified the main reasons behind teeth yellowing, staining and discoloration, and by realizing that all of us still have beautiful white teeth under those stains. The key is the-know-how in removing the discoloration and restoring your teeth to their former beauty.

If you have ever observed little children, surely you have noticed that their teeth are perfectly white. That is due to the fact they are not eating or drinking certain foods that we have become obsessed with. Here are some of the main reasons our teeth yellow as we age:

  • Caffeine
    Obviously, this includes coffee, non-herbal teas, dark-colored cola beverages, and chocolate. Caffeine is one of the biggest offenders for staining and yellowing your teeth.
  • Smoking
    Nicotine yellows your teeth and if nothing is done to prevent the yellowing, over time, it can become a permanent discoloration.
  • Lack of good oral hygiene
    When we are children, our parents often observe us while brushing our teeth, until we establish good dental hygiene habits. But over time, we can become lazy and stop brushing for as long as we should, which can cause plaque buildup.

Wider Smiles has designed a formula that removes all of these types of stains naturally, by creating a gel that restores your teeth to their youthful whiteness.


Does it actually work?

Yes, it is a clinically proven method for whitening your teeth efficiently. Guaranteeing whiter, brighter teeth in less than seven days from beginning of the treatment.

If you are looking for a fast, safe, natural, affordable and pain-free solution for teeth whitening, then you need to give Wider Smiles a chance. But don’t believe us, just read some of the reviews below from some of our happy customers.

Hannah, from Orlando, FL says: ” As an avid coffee drinker, I began to notice that my teeth were slowly turning the shade darker than I wished. I had my dentist bleach my teeth but within days, the yellow stains returned. Then I discovered Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening and I was able to restore my teeth to their original color and still enjoy my coffee!”

Brian, from Boston: “I used to smoke when I was younger, but quit, but my yellow teeth haunted me. I was weary of trying teeth whitening products because of the harmful chemicals. Then a friend told me about Wider Smiles. I gave it a try and now I am telling my friends about what a great product it is!”

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Why should you use Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening?

There are endless reasons why you should use this product but let’s break it down for you in a short list.

  • teeth whitening kitWhiter teeth means you will look younger
  • You can use it from the comfort of your home
  • All natural ingredients, so zero side effects
  • Clinically proven formula and thousands of happy customers
  • See visible results within seven days
  • Can remove almost all types of discoloration and staining
  • Easy to use, with minimal cleanup
  • Affordable and if purchased in a package you can get a great discount

Your smile is one of the first things people observe when they meet you. Make a good impression by flashing them a grim of sparkly white teeth and making a first impression that will last for the right reasons.

What is Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening actually made from?

Unlike most dental whitening brands that try to conceal the list of ingredients in their whitening gel, we are proud to share them with you. Made from natural ingredients that don’t only whiten your teeth but aid in healing your gums and strengthening your teeth.

Here are some of the main ingredients:

  • Kosher Glycerin
    Considered Kosher because it is free from animal by-products. Glycerin naturally enhances the gel in whitening your teeth, making the gel more effective.
  • Peppermint oil
    As one of the main ingredients, acting as a natural antiseptic and helps to restore the oral PhD, promoting good oral hygiene. At the same time, it removes any stains and discoloration found on your teeth.
  • Carbamide
    A natural component that effectively whitens your teeth, plus it has an oxidizing property that helps in removing plaque.

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What you get when you buy Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening kit

Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening kit is made up of the following items:

  • Mouth tray
    Ideally contoured to fit in your mouth comfortably, allowing your teeth to sit in the tray. Use according to the instructions found in your instruction book.
  • Whitening Gel
    The gel is provided in two-5ml easy to use syringes that allow you to easily apply the correct amount of gel to each mouth tray. The two tubes have enough gel for 10 teeth bleaching sessions.
  • Instruction book
    The kit contains a detailed guide, explaining all of the steps for correctly applying the gel to the tray, then to you mouth.
  • Whitening shade guide
    Color palette card indicating the different shades and tones of white, allowing you to compare your teeth to card. Helping you to observe your progress throughout the whitening process and helping you achieve the ideal tine for your teeth. Great way to keep motivated!

Where can you buy Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening?

Wider Smile Teeth Whitening can only be purchased from its official website, which also allows you to benefit from special promotions and discounts from the brand. There are no other stores that sell it, or at least we don’t know of any stores that are selling the original product.

However, it is never advisable to buy a product through a reseller or an unknown website, as you risk that it will never arrive or that they will sell you a copy.

To buy Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening, click on the link to the official store. This product is currently available on the US, So if you’re looking for a teeth whitening product shipping worldwide, check our review to Billionaire Teeth Whitening.

Order yours today for a whiter smile tomorrow.

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