best way whiten your teeth at home

Natural Treatments to Whiten your Teeth at Home

Home Treatment

Did you know that there are some foods that can cause teeth to lose their whiteness and turn them yellowish? It is extremely common nowadays, although it may also be due to the habit of smoking cigarettes. However, teeth can be restored to their natural color through some dental treatments that allow for an almost immediate change, although the use of certain homemade methods can also eliminate this problem.

Stains of different kinds can occur on teeth and, as mentioned above, for different reasons, such as constant consumption of coffee, tea, dark sodas and, mainly, smoking. There are also the stains that appear when the tooth is just forming, these stains should definitely be removed by dental treatments, as they are impossible to remove with any type of home treatment.

Orange Peel

The inside of the orange peel contains substances that are useful for removing tooth stains. This white part of the orange peel skin is composed of: vitamin C, fiber, pectin, and limonene. This last component is the one that would help in the natural teeth whitening process.

How is it used?
The way to use this treatment is really easy. The orange is washed and peeled very well, then each tooth is rubbed with the white part of the peel and after 30 minutes, the teeth can be brushed as usual.

NOTE: Do not exaggerate in its application. Do it once or twice a week at the most, that’s all.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a very effective and healthy solution for whitening teeth. To do this, simply use a little gel from this plant, which will be applied in your toothbrush everytime you brush your teeth.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Bicarbonate is very effective in treating stains on teeth by adding only half a tablespoon of baking soda to a little water and then brushing your teeth. It should be noted that this treatment should ONLY be done once a week, as the sodium bicarbonate used too often can damage the tooth enamel, as it has a strong abrasive action.


Did you know that strawberries help remove tartar? Just cut a strawberry in half and then rub your teeth for several minutes with it. The strawberry has a similar action to sodium bicarbonate, but with a lower risk index for tooth enamel; in addition, the strawberries contain special fibers that help eliminate dangerous bacteria for our body, being very useful for maintaining an acceptable oral hygiene.

Don’t you forget it!

Remember that the treatments previously exposed in this article should be applied with moderation, without reaching any type of excess, because our dental enamel could suffer irreversible damage. It is important to note that applying these products carefully, infrequently, will help us whiten our teeth in an effective and healthy way. Never overdo it, please!

Also, remember that frequent consumption of celery, carrots, and apples can be very good for keeping teeth clean, healthy and strong, as these foods help to produce more saliva, which is very important for removing tooth stains. It is also important to note that flossing and mouthwash should always be used.

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