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Tobacco, A Real Enemy That Affects Your Mouth

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The president of the Valencian dentists, Enrique Llobell considers that tobacco is a real enemy that affects the mouth. In this sense, he reminds us that tobacco stains teeth, alters the color of the enamel, makes some dental treatments fail, favors the loss of teeth bone, reduces our perception of smells and tastes, causes gum disease, predisposes to infectious diseases in the mouth, predisposes to oral cancer. All of them are compelling reasons to recommend quitting smoking.

According to data from the Atlas of Oral Health, offered by the General Council of Dentists, in the Valencian Community 1,132,000 Valencians smoke regularly compared to 11.3 million Spaniards. It should not be forgotten that the main causes of oral cancer are smoking and habitual consumption of alcohol. In fact, they are present in 90% of cases. At the same time, it is predicted that this year there will be 428 new cases of diagnosed oral cancer and 129 people could die from this cause.

According to the College of Dentists and Stomatologists of Valencia (ICOEV), dentists and maxillofacial surgeons are the most qualified professionals to see and recognize an oral lesion or cancer in our mouth earlier. In addition, they can detect the harmful effects of tobacco in the mouth and help patients to combat them. It should be remembered that in the case of this type of disease its late detection causes 25% of deaths in people diagnosed.

All this could be prevented, moreover, with at least one annual visit to the dentist and of course quitting smoking. This is also demonstrated in a recent study by NYU Langone Medical Center that concludes that when you quit smoking, the microbiota of the mouth is restored over time and the number of pathologies also decreases.

Leaving it is possible and recommended by all dentists. So if a person wants and needs it also has the support of dental professionals.

The College of Dentists and Stomatologists of Valencia points out that the dentist can help in this arduous task: Analyzing with his patients the causes of nicotine dependence, telling them the tools available to quit the habit both psychological and pharmacological, offering health advice, etc..

In this sense, periodic dental check-ups are fundamental for the care of oral health as well as general health.

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