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Teeth Whitening: Basic Facts for Better Oral Hygiene

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Nowadays, dental treatments for teeth whitening are in fashion. And even though there are several of products that can help you whiten your teeth, more effective ones are quite expensive. Therefore here we give you some natural products that are very easy to find and may give you some help.

How are Teeth Stained?

The enamel that covers the teeth is slightly porous and becomes “filled” with what we eat. Therefore, if we drink wine or eat blueberries, they immediately turn purple. That’s no problem because we brush our teeth and that’s it.

However, there are foods and beverages that stain the teeth more penetratingly and over time leave them a yellowish or brownish color, really very unsightly.

Colored drinks such as coffee, tea or sodas are on this list of foods that stain teeth. Cigarette and poor oral hygiene also help to damage the condition, i.e. increase the porosity of the enamel.

The acid in certain foods also damages them greatly. Eating meat, dairy products, eggs, citrus fruits, refined sugar, beer, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks or vegetable oils makes the situation worse. We can also include sweets, but above all, the frequency with which we consume them.

A typical mistake is brushing your teeth as soon as we finish eating. It is true that this prevents cavities from forming, but it also means that the enamel does not have time to recover its hardness.

Beneficial Foods

On the opposite sidewalk are foods that help keep your teeth white. Fruits and vegetables include pears, apples, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflowers, lettuce, broccoli, and spinach.

Some because of their fiber, others have nutrients that create a protective film in the enamel of the teeth, thus preventing them from staining.

In turn, cheeses serve because they have proteins and fats to neutralize the acids in other foods. Also because they stimulate the production of saliva that has phosphorus and calcium, helping to remineralize the enamel.

Final tips for whiter teeth

  • Always keep your mouth clean
  • Don’t brush too hard.
  • Floss your teeth
  • Quit smoking
  • Reduces consumption of coffee, tea or sodas

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  1. I appreciate the tip about colored drinks and how they can stain teeth over time. Teeth whitening seems like a great way to improve self-confidence by improving your smile. I’m considering getting my teeth whitened, so I’ll be sure to locate a reliable dentist in my area that specializes in such a treatment.

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