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If you are looking into getting some sort of cosmetic dental treatment to improve the way your teeth look, you might like to consider teeth whitening as an easy, fast alternative to more invasive procedures. Although this is normally a highly successful type of dentistry, you still need to look at the treatment from all angles to make sure it is right for you; this means examining the negative factors as well as the benefits so that you can get a clear picture of the treatment and decide whether teeth whitening is a good choice.

What are the pros of dental whitening?

  • It is fast
    The beauty of this sort of treatment is that it is very fast and easy; it normally takes no longer than a few minutes, after which time the effects should already be apparent and the teeth will continue to whiten for a few hours and days afterward.
  • It is effective
    Even though it is particularly simple, teeth whitening is still highly effective, often improving the shade of the teeth by eight times – which is a lot, when you consider that two or three shades would be noticeable. Although it may not be as successful for every patient, most people will see dramatic results within a very short period of time.
  • It is non-invasive
    Teeth whitening might be associated with dental surgery in some respects but it is much less invasive than other types of cosmetic treatment and there is no need for injections or anesthetic of any kind because the gel does not penetrate beyond the outer enamel layer.
  • It is cheaper than others alternatives
    As well as being less surgical than the alternative forms of cosmetic treatment, whitening is much cheaper. Dental veneers are thousands of pounds a set, which is not something most people can afford; this is why tooth whitening is so popular with patients of all ages. It is a cheap alternative to cosmetic surgery and it does not alter the tooth structure permanently either.

What are the Cons of Dental Whitening?

  • It can still be expensive
    When you take into consideration that the treatment may have to be repeated in order to maintain the level of whiteness constantly, this can push the price up over time. Another alternative would be to invest in natural homemade whitening kit after the initial treatment; these tend to be much cheaper and can be used multiple times to keep the teeth looking white.
  • It may not work for everyone
    Although most people will see positive results from the treatment right away, it may not be successful with everyone, this is due to the fact that different people will react to the peroxide gel in different ways. Similarly, the treatment will be less effective with people who have severe dental stains.
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