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18 False Myths you Shouldn’t Believe About Dental Care


There are numerous dental fantasies and home treatments that achieve our ears through the mouths of friends and colleagues or that we read on Internet pages. Nonetheless, huge numbers of them are not valid and can make issues our bocal wellbeing. Accordingly, from the College of Dentists and Stomatologists of Valencia (ICOEV) dissect the 18 most normal, clarify why we ought not to trust them and clear up the truth in such manner.

1- The pits of the drain teeth don’t influence the authoritative ones. False conviction that it has been in charge of difficult issues in the complete dentition. Infant tooth rot should be dealt with at the earliest opportunity to counteract future issues.

2- Tooth rot dependably stings. False. A hole can be available in a tooth, mostly in the lacquer, without the patient inclination any torment. In like manner, if the caries achieves the dentine territory and the tooth loses the essentialness of its nerve, it may not see any kind of torment. The agony begins when the disease spreads to the dentine in contact with cool or hot beverages or sugars. On the off chance that the disease achieves the nerve, it can wind up contaminated and the agony increments. Intermittent registration are the best apparatus for early recognition of holes.

3- Pregnancy causes loss of teeth in the mother because of the absence of calcium. False legend, amid pregnancy the hormonal adjustment produces changes in the gums expanding the store of microorganisms. They have a more serious danger of gum disease and cavities. That is the reason pregnant ladies need to outrageous their dental cleanliness and go to the dental specialist amid pregnancy.

4- Chewing gum replaces brushing. False fantasy extremely boundless. It adds to produce more spit and enhance PH however for no situation would it be able to supplant dental floss, interdental brush and toothbrush.

5- Bicarbonate is useful for brightening teeth. In spite of the fact that in the past it was utilized as a whitener, it isn’t suggested as it is extremely rough and makes harm the polish. Tooth brightening should just be finished by a dental specialist.

6- The mouthwashes don’t recolor the teeth. On a fundamental level mouthwashes ought not recolor the teeth presently well, those containing chlorhexidine do recolor the teeth whenever utilized constantly. Its season of utilization must be set apart by the dental specialist.

7- Rinsing the mouth is sufficient. False. Flushing is a corresponding technique to enhance dental cleanliness yet for no situation is it a substitute for brushing or the utilization of dental floss.

8- Amalgam fillings (mercury fillings) are harmful. This is false. The principle dental associations on the planet (International Dental Federation, American Dental Association, General Council of Dentists, and so forth.) view these fillings as protected, safe, and enduring.

9- The teeth are in charge of awful breath. This is half false on the grounds that awful breath shows up for absence of dental cleanliness and amassing of flotsam and jetsam and microorganisms. At times it has its birthplace in gastrointestinal issues.

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